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1. Hero Section:

The topmost section of the page contains a hero image surrounded by a descriptive text about Framer Pricing. A "Start 14-day free trial" button is placed on the right side of the page.

2. Pricing Tables:

The next section contains a pricing table featuring three plans, namely "Free," "Essential," and "Professional." Each plan contains list features, such as the number of projects that can be created, the amount of storage provided, and support offered.

3. Plan Comparison:

A "Compare plans" button is placed below the pricing table that navigates to a separate page where the benefits of each plan are listed side by side.

4. Customer Feedback:

Below the pricing table, there is a section for customer feedback in a slider. Each slide features a testimonial from a user highlighting their experience using Framer.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

The next section contains a list of frequently asked questions grouped in three categories: "General," "Billing," and "Account management." A "View all FAQs" link is provided to navigate to the comprehensive list of FAQs answered on the website.

6. CTA Section:

A "Start Your Free Trial Today" button is placed at the bottom of the page along with an enticing caption about unlocking the full potential of Framer.

7. Footer:

The footer bar contains links to various pages such as "Home," "Pricing," "Features," "Resources," "Contact us," "Handoff," "Help," etc. It also provides social media links, copyright, and privacy policies.