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Sure, here is a detailed numbered list describing the structure of the website:

1. The first thing you see when you visit the website is a hero banner with a message that immediately catches the attention of the user. The banner displays a tagline "The bank for humans" along with the company's logo and two call-to-action buttons in the center.

2. Next, there is a section that showcases the features of the app. Each feature is displayed with an icon and a small description of what it does.

3. Following that is a section that explains the benefits of using the This section uses a diagram to illustrate the benefits, and it explains how the app can help users save money on international transfers and travel abroad.

4. After the benefits section is a part that talks about security. Here, the company explains how they keep their customers' data safe and secure.

5. The next section introduces the different types of accounts that users can create on the app. There are three options available, namely personal, business, and multi-currency.

6. The website also has a section that explains how the app works. This section adheres to the classic AIDA model, using headings like "Attention" to explain the app's benefits for new users.

7. The section after that explains the pricing structure of the app. The company has included a table to compare their pricing options with other known brands in the market.

8. The website includes a section dedicated to customer reviews. This section displays multiple customer experiences with the app, including their reviews and ratings.

9. Lastly, the website provides a call-to-action button that directs users to create an account on the app. Overall, the website has a clean, modern design and a clear layout that is easy to navigate. It does an excellent job of explaining its features, benefits, and pricing. It is structured in a way that allows users to quickly understand what the app does and how it can benefit them.