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1. Banner:

The banner is an image of a team meeting, overlaid with the company's name and primary call-to-action button, "Start free trial." The banner also has a navigation menu, which includes links to the Home, About Us, Pricing, and Resources pages.

2. Overview:

The Overview section provides a brief introduction to, highlighting the company's mission, values, and focus on SMBs. The section also features a video that provides an overview of the product and its features.

3. Our Story:

The Our Story section outlines the history of, from its founding in 2013 to its growth into a leading sales automation platform today. The section features a timeline of key milestones and achievements, as well as information on the company's team, culture, and commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

4. Key Features:

The Key Features section highlights the key benefits and features of's sales automation software, including its ability to streamline sales workflows, improve lead management and engagement, and provide detailed analytics and reporting.

5. Success Stories:

The Success Stories section provides case studies and testimonials from customers, showcasing how the software has supported their sales teams and driven business growth.

6. Team:

The Team section highlights the members of's leadership and management teams, as well as their areas of expertise and experience. The section also includes a link to the company's careers page.

7. Partners:

The Partners section showcases the companies and organizations that partners with, demonstrating how the platform integrates with other sales and marketing tools and services.

8. Resources:

The Resources section provides a range of helpful content and tools for sales professionals, including blog posts, webinars, e-books, and templates.

9. Footer:

The footer includes links to the company's social media profiles, as well as legal and copyright information, terms of service, and privacy policy.
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