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1. Header:

The page starts with a header section containing the Deel logo on the left-hand side and a navigation menu on the right-hand side.

2. Hero Section:

The hero section features two people shaking hands, with an introduction to Deel and its purpose. The CTA button 'Sign up for free' is prominently placed in the center.

3. About Deel:

This section provides a brief overview of the company and its mission, written in a conversational tone.

4. Meet The Team:

A carousel of team member titles appears first, and clicking on the image or the name of the individuals takes you to their individual sections.

5. Founders:

This section highlights the founders of Deel with a large banner across the top portion of the page, with two distinct sections underneath for Taso Du Val and Alex Bouaziz.

6. Team Members:

This section features short bios and profile images of all of the team members.

7. Testimonials and logos:

A few testimonials from Deel's existing clients are featured in this section alongside a list of logos of brands that use Deel.

8. Achievements:

The achievements section highlights the milestones that Deel has hit in terms of funding, user base and media recognition.

9. Blog:

The blog section presents latest blog posts from Deel in a masonry grid layout.

10. Footer:

The footer features basic links to Deel's social media pages and a copyright message.