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1. Header:

The header of the AhoyTeam website features a logo on the left and a navigation menu on the right. The menu options include "How it Works," "Pricing," "Features," "Blog," and "Sign In."

2. Hero Section:

The hero section consists of a large banner image with a headline that reads "Collaboration software that keeps your team in sync." The banner also includes a CTA (call to action) button labeled "Get Started" that directs the user to the sign-up page.

3. Value Proposition Section:

The value proposition section highlights the key benefits of the AhoyTeam software such as increased productivity and improved communication. The section includes icons accompanied by short blurbs that emphasize the software's features.

4. Features Section:

The features section breaks down the various features of the AhoyTeam software in detail. The section is divided into three subsections: Communication, Task Management, and Time Tracking. Each subsection includes a description of the features with accompanying icons.

5. How it Works Section:

The How it Works section includes a three-step process breakdown of how the AhoyTeam software works. The section also includes customer testimonials, which highlight the success stories of real AhoyTeam users.

6. Pricing Section:

The pricing section outlines the various subscription plans offered for the AhoyTeam software. The plans are divided into two tiers, "Professional" and "Enterprise," with different pricing options for each.

7. Blog Section:

The blog section features recent AhoyTeam blog posts with accompanying images and a "Read More" button that takes the user to the full post.

8. Footer:

The footer includes links to additional pages such as "About Us," "Contact Us," and "Privacy Policy." The footer also features social media icons that link to the AhoyTeam social media accounts.