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1. Header:

The top section of the page displays the company name, logo, and an option to switch between the English and Spanish language.

2. Navigation bar:

This is positioned below the header and it contains clickable links to the company's main services, portfolios, about page, blog page, and contact page.

3. Hero section:

This is the largest section of the homepage, and it contains a slideshow of high-quality images that showcase the company's work.

4. About section:

This section provides a brief overview of the company, its mission, values and what it offers to clients.

5. Services section:

This presents the company's main services in the form of clickable cards, each featuring a relevant icon and a short description of the service offered.

6. Portfolio section:

This section contains a grid of thumbnail images of the company's previous work. Clicking on any image enables the user to view a larger size of the image and read more about the project.

7. Testimonials section:

This showcases selected feedback from satisfied customers, in the form of quotes and photographs, which help to assure potential customers of the quality of Husprey's work.

8. Blog section:

This presents an overview of the company's latest blog posts, displaying the title, post date, and a small excerpt from each article.

9. Contact section:

This contains a contact form, a Google map showing the company's location, as well as the company email and phone number.

10. Footer:

This consists of several links to the company's social media pages, a copyright notice. Overall, the structure of the page is well-organized, and it effectively presents Husprey's services, past work, and customer reviews while providing clear calls-to-action for potential customers to contact the company.