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1. Hero section:

The page starts with a Hero section, which features a prominent heading that reads "Get to know the Features of the Employee Engagement Platform", accompanied by a subheading and a CTA button "Schedule a Demo Now".

2. Features section:

Next is a section with four images highlighting the features of the Officevibe platform; "Pulse Surveys", "Performance Reviews", "Recognition", and "One-on-Ones". Each image has a brief description of the feature it represents.

3. How it works section:

This section has a comprehensive guide on how to use the Officevibe platform. It is broken down into four steps; "Set up a Team", "Schedule Feedback", "Gather Insights" and "Improve Engagement". Each step has a brief explanation with accompanying screenshots.

4. Customer testimonials:

The next section features reviews from Officevibe users from different industries. The section has an introduction with a heading, followed by three reviews with pictures of the people who made them.

5. Pricing section:

This section has three separate pricing plans; Core, Pro, and Enterprise. Each plan has a brief explanation of the features included and is accompanied by a CTA button "Start your free trial".

6. FAQ section:

It features a list of frequently asked questions, organized into categories. Users can click on each question to reveal the answer.

7. Blog section:

This section features recent blog posts from the Officevibe blog. Each post is represented by an image, the title, date, and a brief description.

8. Footer:

Finally, there is a footer section at the bottom of the page which features links to officevibe's social media pages, a "Get Started" button, and links to other pages on the Officevibe website such as "About us" and "Our Team".