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1. Header:

The Matter app logo is on the left, and there is a hamburger menu button on the right which opens up to reveal the navigation menu items, namely Pricing, Features, Integrations, Blog, and Sign In. There is also a prominent green โ€œTry for Freeโ€ button in the center of the header which takes users to their sign-up page.

2. Hero Section:

This section features an illustration of a person working on a laptop with a Matter app browser window open. This illustration adds visual interest and contextualizes the software. There is also a statement in bold font saying โ€œSay Goodbye to Distractionsโ€ below the illustration, with a subheading saying โ€œFocus on what matters most with Matterโ€.

3. Main Content:

Underneath the hero section is a series of cards that highlight Matterโ€™s features. Each card has an icon, a title, and a short block of text that explains what the feature does. These cards are arranged in three columns.

4. Testimonials:

This section features a rotating carousel of anonymized user testimonials. Each testimonial is in a quote box and has a photo and name of the user.

5. Plans and Pricing:

This section lists their subscription options, detailing their features and price. The three tiers are Basic, Plus, and Pro.

6. Integrations:

This section highlights the apps that integrate with Matter, displaying the logos of the relevant apps in a grid format. These include Trello, Asana, Slack and more.

7. Blog:

This section showcases Matterโ€™s blog articles, displayed in a list format, with the title and date of each post.

8. Footer:

The footer features the Matter logo, a copyright statement, and links to other pages like Terms and Privacy Policy. There is also a sign-up form for their newsletter.