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1. Header section:

It includes a logo, a navigation menu, a CTA button, and a search bar. The navigation bar has links to different pages such as Pricing, Help Center, and Blog.

2. Hero Section:

It is a full-width section that includes a hero image, a headline, a subheading, and a CTA button. The hero image shows the product in action, and the headline and subheading persuade the user to take action.

3. Main Section:

It includes four sections โ€” Shared inbox, Automation, Analytics, and Collaboration. Each section has a brief description of the feature and an image to accompany it.

4. Testimonials Section:

It includes three customer testimonials. Each testimonial features a picture of the customer, their name, company name, and their testimonial.

5. Features section:

It includes a list of four features and their short description such as "Automate Repetitive tasks", "Collaborate with your team", "Monitor important metrics", and "Track team performance".

6. Benefits Section:

It includes four benefits of using Hiver, including "Improve Productivity", "Maximize customer satisfaction", "Reduce response times", and "Drive team productivity".

7. Integrations Section:

It includes a list of integrations with other popular tools such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and Slack.

8. Pricing Section:

It includes three pricing options - Basic, Plus, and Premium.

9. Blog Section:

It includes links to the latest blog posts with a brief image, title, and date.

10. Footer Section โ€“ The footer consists of several sections such as Social Follow, Company, About, Quick links, Contact Us, and Legal. The Company section has a brief description of the company, and the About section includes links to different pages such as Our Story, Careers, Press, and Investors. The Legal section has links to policies such as Privacy Policy, Terms of Use, and GDPR