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1. Header:

The top part of the page contains the header which includes the Bubble logo on the left side and the sign-in and sign-up options on the right side. There is also a navigation menu with options such as Features, Pricing, Showcase, and Learn.

2. Hero Section:

This section offers a clear value proposition and highlights the main features of Bubble. The hero section contains a prominent heading, subheading, and a prominent call-to-action button to encourage visitors to sign up.

3. Features Section:

This section highlights the key features of Bubble software. There are six icons that represent the features - Design, Database, Workflow, Components, Deployment, and Collaboration. Clicking on any of the icons opens a popup with more details and a video explaining the feature.

4. Showcase Section:

This section displays real-world examples of apps built with Bubble software. Each example has a brief description and a link to the app if the user wants to explore it further.

5. Pricing Section:

This section outlines the pricing options for Bubble. There are three pricing plans available with different features and pricing. Each plan lists its features and options in detail.

6. Learn Section:

This section has a variety of resources to help users learn more about using Bubble. It includes a video tutorial library, a documentation section, and a community forum.

7. Partner Section:

This section highlights the different partners that Bubble has. There is a brief description of each partner and a link to their website.

8. Testimonials Section:

This section displays customer testimonials, each with a photo, name, and a quote.

9. Footer:

The bottom part of the webpage contains the footer which has links to different pages, such as About Us, Careers, Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service. There are also links to social media pages and the Bubble blog.