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1. Header:

The header includes the Boords logo, a navigation menu with links to different pages on the website, and buttons to sign up and log in.

2. Hero Section:

The hero section contains a large image that takes up most of the screen with an overlaid text box that reads "Storyboarding Made Simple". There is also a button to start a free trial of the software, and a brief description of what Boords does.

3. Features Section:

This section highlights the three main features of Boords: storyboarding, turning your storyboard into an animatic, and collaborating with your team. Each feature is accompanied by an icon and a brief description of what it does.

4. How It Works Section:

This section breaks down the process of using Boords to create storyboards and animatics into four simple steps: create a new project, sketch out your storyboards, add comments and notes, and turn your storyboard into an animatic.

5. Pricing Section:

The pricing section outlines the different plans available for Boords, including a free plan, a professional plan, and a team plan. Each plan comes with different features and pricing options.

6. Testimonials Section:

This section features quotes from satisfied Boords customers, along with their names and photos.

7. About Section:

The About section contains information about Boords, including its founding story, the team behind it, and its mission.

8. Footer:

The footer includes links to Boords' social media accounts, resources for learning more about storyboarding and animation, frequently asked questions, and a contact form. It also has links to Boords' terms of service and privacy policy.