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1. Header:

The page starts with a header that includes the Artboard Studio logo, a navigation menu, and a "Get started" button.

2. Hero Section:

The hero section comprises a background image and a heading that reads "Create stunning visuals for your product." It also includes a brief subheading and a call-to-action button.

3. Features Section:

This section lists the key features of the Artboard Studio product, each accompanied by a visual representation. The features are presented in the following order:

1. Easy-to-use interface

2. High-quality mockups

3. Realistic 3D renders

4. Integration with design tools

5. Templates and assets

6. Collaboration tools

4. About Section:

This section provides a brief overview of Artboard Studio, including its mission, values, and key differentiators. It also includes a call-to-action button to try the product.

5. Testimonials Section:

The next section features customer testimonials in the form of quotes accompanied by photos and names of the customers. There are five testimonials in total.

6. Pricing Section:

This section outlines the pricing plans for Artboard Studio. There are three pricing tiers: Free, Pro, and Team. Each tier is accompanied by a list of features and a call-to-action button to purchase the plan.

7. FAQ Section:

The FAQ section lists common questions about Artboard Studio and provides brief answers to each one.

8. Footer:

The page ends with a footer that includes links to additional resources, including the company blog, contact page, and social media profiles. It also includes a subscription form for the company newsletter.