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1. The landing page opens with a large banner image at the top, providing a clear headline and a brief description of the purpose of the page.

2. The next section outlines the importance of user onboarding and how it can be a significant contributor to the success of a business.

3. The central element of the page is the user onboarding cost calculator, which prompts the user to answer a series of questions that will provide a comprehensive estimate of the cost of user onboarding for their specific business.

4. The calculator is presented in a simple, user-friendly format that guides the user through the process with ease.

5. Alongside the calculator, an infographic illustrates key factors that impact the cost of onboarding, such as the number of users, the complexity of the product, and the level of support required.

6. Beneath the calculator, a section titled "Understanding Your Results" provides additional details on how the estimate was calculated, and how the various factors and assumptions impact the result.

7. The page concludes with a call-to-action button that allows users to download a free copy of Appcues' user onboarding cost calculator template.