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1. Header:

The page starts with a header that includes the Intercom logo on the top left corner and a navigation bar on the top right corner. The navigation bar includes links for "Product," "Solutions," "Resources," and "Pricing."

2. Introduction:

The page has an introduction text in bold letters that introduces the book.

3. Book Cover:

The page features the cover image of the book "Intercom on Customer Engagement."

4. Book Description:

The section further down provides a brief description of what readers should expect in the book.

5. Form:

A form appears just below the book description where users can input their name, email, and company to download the book.

6. Table of Contents:

The next section features a table of contents that outlines the book's chapters and topics.

7. Key Takeaways:

Following the table of contents, the page highlights the book's main points in cutout boxes under the heading "Key Takeaways."

8. Author Section:

The page features an "About the Author" section that includes a photo of the author and a brief bio.

9. Reviews:

The page includes a "Reviews" section that highlights selected reviews of the book.

10. Related Resources:

Lastly, the page provides links to related resources such as blog posts, ebooks, and webinars that users may find of interest.