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1. Header:

The page starts with a header that includes the Hiver logo on the left-hand side and a navigation menu on the right-hand side.

2. Hero section:

The hero section features a prominent heading that reads "Sales Prospecting Software for Gmail and Outlook." A subheading provides a brief overview of what Hiver does, and a call-to-action (CTA) button invites users to sign up for a free trial. There are also two images of Hiver's software in use, demonstrating its functionality.

3. Pricing plans:

A few sections down, the pricing plans are shown in a three-column format. There are three plans, named Basic, Plus, and Premium. For each plan, the pricing, features, and benefits are outlined in detail in a table format. Users can choose to pay monthly or annually, with a discount offered for annual plans.

4. Testimonials:

Below the pricing plans, there are several testimonials from Hiver's satisfied customers. Each testimonial includes a photo, name, and organization of the customer, as well as a brief testimonial about their experience with Hiver.

5. FAQs:

Further down the page, there is a section that answers frequently asked questions about Hiver. The section is divided into various subsections, such as Billing and Payments, Features and Integrations, etc.

6. Contact:

At the bottom of the page, users can find Hiver's contact information, including a phone number, email, and address. There is also a form that users can fill out to contact Hiver directly from the page.