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1. Header:

The website's header-containing navigation links, the GetGuru logo, the "schedule a demo," and "login" buttons-remains steady throughout the page.

2. Page Banner:

A full-width banner occupies the top of the page, with the text "In the News" appearing in large font size to catch the attention of visitors to the page.

3. Listing of Press Releases:

An unordered list of press releases follows the page banner, containing fourteen entries spanning as far back as December


4. Thumbnails:

The entries feature low-resolution thumbnails beside the headline in the list, which tap into the visitor's curiosity and blend with the page's design.

5. Entry Headlines:

Each headline in the list summarizes the press release's content, indicating the relevant company covered and publication that carried the release.

6. Read more:

Every headline features a "Read More" link, which when clicked on, opens a new webpage containing the full press release.

7. Time:

The entries include the date and time the press release was posted, as well as the publication that carried the release.

8. Footer:

The page footer repeats the GetGuru logo and navigation links.

9. Contact Information:

The footer also contains the company's contact details, including postal address, phone number, and email address.

10. Social Media Links:

The footer links to the company's social media profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

11. Copyright:

The footer includes the conventional copyright text, indicating the page's last update in the year