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1. Header:

The page starts with a header section that includes the Equals logo, navigation menu, and a "Sign Up" button.

2. Hero section:

The hero section includes a heading "Choose the plan that works for you" and a short paragraph explaining the features of the Equals app.

3. Plan cards:

There are three plans available on the pricing page, each with a separate card. The cards include the plan name, the price, and a list of features included in the plan.

4. FAQ section:

This section includes a list of frequently asked questions about the Equals app, such as how to upgrade or downgrade plans, and how to cancel the subscription.

5. Testimonial section:

The testimonial section includes a few lines of text from a satisfied customer, along with their name and photo.

6. Footer:

The page ends with a footer section, which includes links to the company's social media pages, legal information, and a "Sign Up" button. Overall, the page is minimalistic and follows a standard structure that is easy to navigate and understand. The use of clear headings, bullet points, and call-to-action buttons helps users quickly find the information they are looking for and take action when they are ready to sign up.