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1. Header:

The top of the page features a header that includes the Clubhouse logo, a navigation menu with links to various sections of the site, and a search bar.

2. Hero Section:

Immediately below the header is the hero section with a title, a brief intro paragraph, and a CTA button inviting users to browse available job listings.

3. Job Listings:

The job listings section features various open positions at Clubhouse, listed in a grid format. Each job listing includes a brief job description, location, and job type (such as full-time or part-time). The user can click on a job listing to view more detailed information about the position and apply directly on the website.

4. About Clubhouse:

This section provides a brief overview of what Clubhouse does, as well as a video that highlights the company's culture and values.

5. Benefits:

The benefits section outlines some of the benefits of working at Clubhouse, including health and wellness offerings, professional development opportunities, and a flexible work environment.

6. Values:

This section elaborates on the company's core values, including teamwork, empathy, transparency, and continuous improvement.

7. Diversity and Inclusion:

Clubhouse's commitment to diversity and inclusion is demonstrated in this section, which highlights the company's efforts to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace.

8. Hiring Process:

This section provides an overview of what candidates can expect during the hiring process at Clubhouse, including the various stages of the hiring process and what the company looks for in candidates.

9. Footer:

The footer of the page includes links to various resources, such as the company's blog, social media pages, and contact information. Additionally, the footer includes a section for users to sign up for the Clubhouse newsletter.