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1. Header:

The page has a header section that contains the navigation menu and a call-to-action button.

2. Hero Image and CTA:

The next section includes a hero image of a storyboard with a tagline of "Create storyboards online." There is a CTA button prompting users to sign up for free.

3. Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans section is presented with three cards, one for each of the available pricing tiers. Each card includes its name and a short description of the features that users can access when they choose the plan.

4. Pricing Table:

The pricing table section includes more detailed information about each pricing tier, such as monthly and yearly rates, the number of team members allowed per account, and premium features available for each plan. Users can also find the Sign-Up button here.

5. Featured Companies:

Displayed in a row section called "Join the world's best companies" are logos of well-known companies who use Boords.

6. FAQ Section:

The FAQ section contains some commonly asked questions and their answers related to pricing plans and payments.

7. Footer:

Finally, the page concludes with a footer section that includes social media links, legal information, and links to useful pages such as help and support, the blog, and the home page.