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1. The page begins with a top horizontal navigation bar that includes links to the main Artboard Studio website, pricing page, about page, and a login button for existing users.

2. A hero section follows, showcasing an animated graphic of the Artboard Studio affiliate program. The section includes a bold headline, a subheadline, and a CTA button to learn more about the program.

3. Beneath the hero section is a section called "Why Join Our Program?" that lists four reasons to join the Artboard Studio affiliate program. Each reason is presented in a rectangular card with an icon and a brief description.

4. Next, there is a section that showcases some of the features of Artboard Studio, such as the ability to create animated mockups, collaborate with team members, and customize designs. Each feature is accompanied by an animated graphic.

5. Below the feature section is a "How it Works" section that outlines the steps to join the affiliate program, including creating an account, getting a unique affiliate link, promoting Artboard Studio, and earning commissions.

6. The next section presents the commission structure, with a table showing the percentage of commissions earned based on the number of sales made.

7. Following the commission structure section is a section that showcases some of the Artboard Studio user interface and designs, highlighting their aesthetic and functionality.

8. The penultimate section features testimonials from existing affiliates, each presented within a rectangular card with a photo, name, and quote.

9. The page ends with a footer that includes links to social media profiles and a summary of the company's values.