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1. The header contains a navigation menu and a large logo on the left side. On the right-hand side, there are the "Sign in" and "Sign up" buttons.

2. The page is divided into three sections, with the first section highlighting the benefits of using AhoyTeam.

3. The next section contains the pricing plans, offering different features depending on the package chosen. There are three packages available:

Starter, Pro, and Business.

4. Each pricing plan is presented in a card format with a brief description of the package and a "Choose Plan" button below the features.

5. The package comparison table is presented below the pricing plans, allowing the user to compare the different features available.

6. The following section informs the user about the customization options available to tailor their experience based on their business needs.

7. The next section presents the user with information about the security features offered with AhoyTeam, including data protection and privacy.

8. The final section contains a form for users to submit their details and request a free trial. The form requires the user to input their name, email address, and a message field for additional comments.

9. In the footer, users can find links to the company's social media accounts, a brief about section, and contact information.