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1. Banner section:

This section is at the top of the page and has a full-width banner image on the left-hand side with the Ahoy Team logo in the upper left. On the right-hand side, there is a form to download a free e-book, followed by a section that describes the benefits of Ahoy Team.

2. About AhoyTeam:

This section provides a brief overview of AhoyTeam as a company, its mission, and the problems it solves for remote teams. The section includes a CTA button to learn more and drive conversions.

3. The Remote Work Challenge:

This section describes the challenges of remote work, such as staying connected and productive, clear communication between team members, and the benefits of using AhoyTeam.

4. How AhoyTeam solves remote work challenges:

This section speaks to the unique features of AhoyTeam that address common remote work challenges such as a lack of visibility and control over teams, communication barriers, and inadequate collaboration. The section includes a CTA button to sign-up for AhoyTeam.

5. Features section:

This section breaks down AhoyTeamโ€™s features into three categories: real-time collaboration, employee engagement, and analytics. Each category has a brief description and an image representation of the feature for improved comprehension.

6. Solutions for different types of remote teams:

This section describes how AhoyTeam works for remote teams, including those that work in different time zones, hybrid teams, or teams that have a mix of remote and on-site employees.

7. Testimonials:

The testimonials section features videos from various remote team clients who have found success when using AhoyTeam to bring their remote teams together.

8. Pricing:

The pricing section lists the available AhoyTeam plans with short descriptions of the features.

9. Footer:

The footer section contains links to AhoyTeamโ€™s social media pages, contact details, and an option to sign up for their newsletter. There are also links to important pages like Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, and the blog.