Who's behind SaaSFrame ?

Hey. I'm Antoine. 👋

As a Growth Marketer, I’ve spent the last few years building hundreds of marketing pages and email flows and I’ve spent too much time trying to reinvent the wheel every time I started a new project.

A few months ago, I started to list in an Airtable some SaaS marketing page screenshots that I found inspiring for my next projects.

Slowly, but steadily, this list was getting richer and richer. That's when I decided to create a website to showcase the best examples of SaaS marketing pages, email flows and product designs.


What I've been up to

APRIL 18, 2020
🖥 The journey begins

After pitching my idea and getting feedback from SaaS marketers friends, I start building SaaSFrame on Webflow.

MAY 17, 2020
🌎 Finally live

After a month of development and +500 examples added, I finally publish saasframe.io.

MAY 18, 2020
🎉 First paying customer!

After posting to Twitter and emailing a few friends, I sold my first Pro membership! Ok it's only $9 MRR but after only one day that's pretty cool.

MAY 29, 2020
📊 Revenue > Expenses

The revenue for SaaSFrame Pro membership just exceeded the monthly operating costs, which is about ~$200/mo.

JUNE 2, 2020
🔼 Launched on Product Hunt

Two weeks after the "soft launch", I've finally decided to launch SaaSFrame on Product Hunt. 24h later, it is #2 Product of the day with 800 upvotes.
Results : 🌎   4 678 visitors, 👀   24 912 pageviews, 👋   31 new paying users.


All of our metrics are public

1 172
+338 in 30d
+22 in 30d
+8 in 30d
Pro Users
+22 in 30d
+13% in 30d
Total Revenue
$4 631
+$1 054 in 30d