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1. Header:

The page has a header section that contains the Trello logo and search functionality to find boards.

2. Main Banner:

This section comes right after the header and displays a banner showing the name of the board, with a cover image and description of the board.

3. Menu:

Below the banner, there is a menu section consisting of a horizontal panel with various options like Board Menu, Member Settings, More, and Notifications.

4. Board Content:

This section comprises the major part of the page and displays the actual board content. This particular board is an Employee Manual board, which includes lists such as Welcome, Onboarding, and Policies, each containing several cards.

5. Editing Options:

There are several options for editing cards like adding labels, checklists, due dates, descriptions, and attachments. There is also a comment feature that allows users to communicate and collaborate on specific cards.

6. Right Menu:

On the right-hand side of the board content, there is a vertical menu panel that provides options for settings, power-ups, activity logs, and background options.

7. Board Footer:

At the bottom of the board content, there is a footer section that displays the name of the board, the details of the most recent activity logs, and a button that enables users to enable the Calendar power-up.

8. Minimal Footer:

At the very bottom, there is a minimal footer section that contains the Trello logo, links to legal notices, and select social media channels. Overall, the page has a modern, clean design, making it easy to navigate and use for collaboration and project management.