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1. Header:

The page starts with the header section that features the Spendesk logo, navigation menu, and a "Sign Up" button.

2. Hero section:

The top section of the page is the hero section that showcases the pricing plans for Spendesk.

3. Three pricing plans:

Spendesk offers three pricing plans - Essential, Flex, and Custom. Each plan is represented by a card that includes the plan name, a short description of the plan, and the price per user per month.

4. Feature comparison:

After the pricing plans, there is a feature comparison table that displays the features included in each plan. The table compares features like team size, virtual and physical cards, payment approvals, and integrations.

5. Benefits section:

Below the feature comparison table, Spendesk details the benefits of using their platform. Each benefit is represented by a single icon and explains how Spendesk can help businesses save time and money.

6. FAQs:

The FAQs section is placed at the bottom of the page and covers common queries that businesses may have about Spendesk's pricing and plans.

7. Sign-up CTA:

Finally, the page ends with a "Get started" button that prompts users to sign up for one of Spendesk's pricing plans. Overall, Spendesk's pricing page is designed to be clear, concise and informative, providing potential customers with all the details they need to make an informed decision about which plan best suits their business needs.