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1. Header:

The top section of the productboard website consists of the header, which includes the productboard logo and navigation links to various sections of the site such as โ€œProduct Management Platform," โ€œSolutions," โ€œPricing," and โ€œResources."

2. Hero section:

The hero section, also known as the banner section, is located just below the header. It features a large image with a headline that introduces the main benefits of using productboard.

3. Introductory text:

Immediately below the hero section, there is a brief introduction that explains what the productboard platform does and how it can help businesses of different sizes.

4. Features section:

The next section highlights the main features of productboard, with each feature presented in a block that includes an icon and a short description.

5. Customer testimonials:

Productboardโ€™s website also includes a section containing customer testimonials. These testimonials include the names and logos of the customers sharing their experience, along with their feedback.

6. Pricing:

The pricing section gives details about the three pricing plans available, including what is included in each one.

7. Request a demo:

At the bottom of the page, there is a CTA that prompts interested parties to request a demo.

8. Footer:

The footer contains links to various resources, including careers, blog, security, and privacy policies, as well as social media links. Overall, the website has a clean and straightforward design, with a good balance of text and visuals. It effectively conveys the key information about the productboard platform and makes it easy for visitors to navigate the site.