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1. Header section:

This section consists of the Loom logo, a navigation menu with links to "Pricing," "Resources," "Sign In," and "Get Started," and a button for users to download the Loom extension.

2. Hero section:

This section has a heading ("Unleash the Power of Video Messaging") and a subheading ("Record your screen, share your video, and communicate clearly with in seconds."), followed by a CTA button with the text "Get Started for Free," and a demonstration video showcasing the Loom product.

3. Features section:

This section has several sections showcasing the different features of Loom. Each section has a heading, an image, and a brief text. This section has four subsections, "Record and Share with Ease," "Communicate Across Teams," "Save Time with Video Messaging," and "Customize to Your Brand."

4. How it Works section:

This section has three subsections that walk users through the process of creating a Loom video. The sections are "Record," "Edit," and "Share."

5. Testimonials section:

This section includes testimonials from customers who have used Loom for different purposes.

6. Resources section:

This section has different resources to help users get started with Loom, including a blog, a help center, and webinars.

7. Pricing section:

This section outlines the different pricing plans for Loom, from a free plan to a business plan.

8. Contact Us section:

This section includes a contact form for users to send Loom a message.

9. Footer section:

This section has links to Loom's social media pages, legal information, and a link to download the Loom extension.