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1. The top section of the page contains a header with a logo and a CTA button that invites visitors to sign up for an account.

2. The next section is a hero banner with a catchy headline that explains what the product is all about. It's followed by a brief tagline and a sign-up button that directs visitors to register.

3. Moving down, there is a section that highlights the features of the product. Each feature has a brief description and comes with a visual representation in the form of an icon.

4. The next section showcases the benefits of the product for different types of businesses, including startups, marketplaces, and e-commerce stores. This section has a list-style format with each item being presented as a bullet point.

5. A social proof section follows, which features a horizontal carousel of logos of well-known companies and brands that have used the product.

6. Next up is a detailed explanation of the different affiliate program benefits available to partners, including commission rates, cookie duration, revenue sharing, and more.

7. The page goes on to explain how the Viral Loops affiliate program works, including the registration process and how to access linking and tracking codes.

8. The penultimate section features FAQs about the affiliate program, organized in an accordion-style format. Each question can be expanded to reveal a detailed answer.

9. Finally, the page ends with another CTA button inviting visitors to sign up for the affiliate program.