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1. The page starts with a full-screen hero image of someone using a laptop with a Google search page on it. The hero image has a headline "SEO that Builds Brands" and a Call to Action (CTA) button "Talk to an Expert."

2. The next section features a brief overview of the benefits of using Junip for Google SEO. It has three key points- "Maximize Product Visibility," "Improve Google Ranking," and "Drive Site Traffic." Each point is accompanied by a relevant icon and a short description of how Junip can help achieve the goal.

3. The third section has a video banner that showcases the functionalities of the Junip platform. It has a play button in the center and a headline, "Powering the world's most impactful brands."

4. Further down the page is a section detailing the features of the Junip platform for Google SEO. The features are split into three categories:

"Product Reviews," "Site Reviews," and "Q&A." Each feature is accompanied by an illustration and a brief description of its benefits.

5. Following this, there is a section highlighting some of the key customers who use Junip. There is also a CTA button, "See Case Studies," that directs visitors to a different page to explore customers success stories in detail.

6. The page ends with a footer section that has Junip's logo, company information, and links to various informational pages such as "Privacy Policy," "Terms and Conditions," and "Contact Us." The footer also has social media links and allows visitors to subscribe to their newsletter.