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1. Header:

The page begins with a header that includes a logo and a navigation menu that allows users to access other pages on the website.

2. Hero Image:

The hero image takes up most of the space on the page, featuring an image of what appears to be a customer service representative using a computer. The image is accompanied by a tagline that highlights the benefits of using Channeled's Zendesk integration.

3. Introduction:

Below the hero image, there is a short introduction that provides an overview of what the Channeled Zendesk integration is and what it can do for users.

4. Features List:

Next, there is a features list that highlights the specific benefits and features of the Channeled Zendesk integration. The list includes five items, presented as bullet points, along with accompanying icons.

5. Integration instructions:

After the features list, the page explains how to set up the Zendesk integration. The instructions are presented in numbered steps and include screenshots to demonstrate how to complete each step.

6. Additional information:

Following the integration instructions, there is additional information about the Channeled Zendesk integration, including frequently asked questions and a list of benefits that are highlighted in more detail.

7. Bottom Navigation:

Finally, the page concludes with a bottom navigation menu that allows users to access various resources on the Channeled website, including the company's blog, pricing information, and contact page.