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1. Header:

The page starts off with a header that includes Hotjar's logo, a navigation menu for other pages on the Hotjar website, and a button to sign up for Hotjar's services.

2. Hero Section:

Next, there is a hero section that displays an image of Hotjar and Zapier's logos side-by-side, with a text heading that reads "Power up your Hotjar experience with 1000+ apps in Zapier", and a button to "Get started for free".

3. Integration Overview:

Below the hero section is an overview of the Hotjar and Zapier integration with a heading that reads "How Hotjar and Zapier work together". This section explains what the integration does and how it can benefit users, with an additional button to "Learn more about Hotjar and Zapier".

4. Integration Details:

This section provides more detailed information on how Hotjar and Zapier can work together, as well as instructions for how to connect the two tools. The section includes a heading that reads "Reduce manual work with Hotjar and Zapier", followed by a list of specific tasks that can be accomplished through the integration.

5. Customer Examples:

Next, there are several example use cases for the Hotjar and Zapier integration, along with quotes from customers who have successfully used the integration to improve their workflows.

6. Additional Information:

This section includes a list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Hotjar and Zapier integration, as well as a heading that reads "Get started with Hotjar and Zapier".

7. Footer:

The page ends with a footer that includes links to other pages on the Hotjar website, as well as social media icons and legal information.