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1. The page starts with a heading that says "Simple Pricing. Powerful Insights." with a brief description underneath.

2. There are three pricing plans offered:

"Heap", "Business", and "Enterprise". Each plan has a "Start for free" button, with pricing listed underneath.

3. The Heap plan shows the cost as "Free" with a "Get Started" button. The features of the free plan are listed, with limitations including a data retention period of 7 days and data ingestion of up to 10,000 monthly events.

4. The Business plan shows a cost of "$99/mo billed annually", with a "Get Started" button. The features of this plan include unlimited data retention, 1 million monthly events, and integrations with popular tools like Salesforce and Marketo.

5. The Enterprise plan pricing is not listed and instead asks the user to contact the Heap team for more information. Features listed for this plan include dedicated account management and custom integrations.

6. There is a section titled "What you get" which lists features common to all plans. This includes features like automatic event tracking, advanced analysis, and custom dashboard creation.

7. A 14-day free trial is offered for the Business and Enterprise plans with a "Start my free trial" button for each.

8. There is a section titled "Frequently Asked Questions" that addresses common questions about Heap's pricing and plans.

9. The page ends with a section for the user to "Start building better customer experiences" with a "Get Started" button that takes the user to the signup page.