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1. Header:

The page starts with the header that has the GetFLG logo, navigation menu containing three links Home, Features, and Pricing. Right next to the navigation menu, there is a Get Started button.

2. Pricing Plans:

The pricing plans section is the main content of the page. It starts with an overview of the pricing structure, which includes three plans; Professional, Business, and Enterprise. Each plan is presented with a title, price, and a list of features displayed in a table. Users can switch between monthly and annual billing plans using the toggle button.

3. Feature Comparison:

A detailed feature comparison table is available for users to compare each plan's features quickly. This table displays nearly 30 features such as email branding, third-party integrations, and automation workflows.

4. Frequently Asked Questions:

The frequently asked questions section answers some of the most common questions that a user might have regarding pricing or plans.

5. Contact Us:

The page ends with the Contact Us section, which provides users with several ways of contacting GetFLG, including a contact form with fields for name, email, and message, a phone number, and an email address.

6. Footer:

The footer contains the company name, copyright information, social media links, and links to legal pages such as Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. Overall, the page has a very clean and intuitive design, presenting pricing information and features in an easy-to-understand manner. The well-organized layout makes it easy for users to compare and find the appropriate pricing plan.