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1. Header - The header section includes the logo, navigation links, and the pricing page's headline.

2. Pricing table - The pricing table includes a comprehensive list of features and pricing for each of the three plans - Starter, Growth, and Scale. The table highlights the main features included in each plan and the price charged for each plan.

3. Features section - The features section provides further information about the features included in each plan. Each feature has an icon, a brief description of what it entails, and an indication of the specific plan that includes it.

4. Testimonials section - The testimonials section features customer comments about their experience using the Fellow app's services. The section includes a photo, name, and job title of the customer.

5. Start free trial - A CTA button is located at the bottom of the pricing page. The button encourages users to start a free 14-day trial of the Fellow app's services.

6. Footer - The footer includes important links such as the terms of service, privacy policy, blog, social media links, and a contact form. Overall, the page has a clean design that is easy to navigate. The hierarchical structure of the content helps the user quickly understand the service provided by Fellow and the features available in each plan. The inclusion of testimonials from satisfied customers adds credibility to the service and encourages new users to sign up for the free trial.