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1. Header section:

The homepage of LetsDeel has a white background with an orange header section that displays the LetsDeel logo and navigation menu. The navigation menu contains links to the 'Pricing', 'Features', 'Customers' and 'Sign in' sections of the website.

2. Hero section:

The hero section of the homepage is visually appealing, featuring a high-quality image of a computer screen displaying the LetsDeel platform. The hero section is designed to introduce the product offering to prospective clients.

3. Call to action section:

After the hero section, there is a call to action section featuring two CTAs: 'Get Started for Free' and 'See Plans'. This section is meant to entice website visitors to take action and sign up for LetsDeel services.

4. Features section:

The features section of the homepage is designed to highlight the key selling points of the LetsDeel platform, such as easy-to-use interface, time-saving features and access to global workforce. The section has icons to illustrate each feature and brief explanations of each benefit provided.

5. Customers section:

The customers section contains logos of well-known companies that use LetsDeel service. This section provides social proof, reinforcing the quality and reliability of the service, which is likely to increase the trust of potential customers in the platform.

6. Testimonials section:

The testimonials section showcases customer feedback on the quality of the LetsDeel services. This section is meant to build trust and credibility with potential customers, who can better relate to feedback from real clients.

7. Pricing section:

The pricing section presents the various pricing options available to customers. The different plans have diverse features and prices, and this section is designed to give potential customers the flexibility to choose the plan that fits their needs.

8. FAQ section:

The FAQ section provides answers to common questions about LetsDeel services, rates, currencies and technical support. This section is designed to clarify doubts, reduce prospects' objections and ideally facilitate sign-ups.

9. Footer section:

The footer section contains links to LetsDeel social media profiles, a link to the blog content and copyright information. The footer also includes a link to contact customer service through a 'Help' button. This section provides additional resources to customers using LetsDeel services towards the bottom of the website.