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1. The page starts with a navigation bar containing the Folk logo, a button to login, and a menu button on the top left corner to access more options.

2. The page header presents the title "Why Folk?" and a subheading that highlights the benefits of using Folk over Airtable.

3. The first section is an introduction to Folk, which briefly explains what the platform is and its advantages over other similar tools.

4. The next section presents a detailed chart that compares Folk and Airtable in terms of features, pricing, availability, and customer support.

5. A "Switching to Folk is easy" section follows, which provides a step-by-step guide on how to migrate from Airtable to Folk and how to integrate Folk with other tools.

6. The bottom section contains social proof in the form of testimonials from users who have successfully switched from Airtable to Folk and have found it to be a better tool for their needs.

7. There's a CTA button at the bottom of the page, inviting users to sign up for Folk and try it out for themselves.

8. A footer bar contains links to important pages such as the home page, pricing, features, and the about section. It also presents a language selector dropdown and links to the company's social media channels.