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1. Header Section:

This section consists of the webpage title ' vs Clearbit: Alternatives & Competitors', a subheading 'How does Clearbit compare to', and a CTA button 'Request a Demo.'

2. Main Content Section:

This section starts with a comparison table of both and Clearbit, highlighting their features and pricing, followed by a brief description of each feature. The next sub-section compares the data quality of both platforms and includes a graph with the number of employees and data coverage in various regions. Finally, a section on customer reviews displays comments from users of both platforms.

3. Sidebar Section:

A sidebar on the right of the page includes some more information about Clearbit's features, including a brief description of Clearbit's Enrichment and Prospecting APIs, and a CTA button 'See Full API Documentation.'

4. Footer Section:

This section includes links to various page sections like Home, Products, Customers, etc., and a 'Subscribe to Blog' CTA.

5. Navigation Menu:

A navigation bar at the top of the page includes links to other pages and Clearbit's social media.