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1. Title:

The page titled "Butter vs Zoom" is located at the top-center of the page, in bold, capitalized letters.

2. Header:

A header follows the title and provides a brief explanation of what this page is about.

3. Subheaders:

The page is organized into several subheaders, including "Video conferencing with Zoom," "Collaboration with Butter," "Pricing," "Ease of Use," and "Features."

4. Comparative tables:

The page features several comparative tables that outline the differences between Butter and Zoom.

5. Text descriptions:

The tables are accompanied by a brief text description that further elaborates on the information provided in the tables.

6. Section headers:

Each section of the page is presented with a bolded header, making it easy to scroll through the page and find specific information.

7. Visual aids:

The page uses a series of visual aids to supplement the text, including graphics, emojis, and screenshots of the Butter and Zoom interfaces.

8. Call to action:

At the bottom of the page, there is a call to action inviting users to sign up for a free trial of Butter's service.

9. Footer:

The page concludes with a footer that includes links to additional resources and social media channels for Butter. Overall, the page is well-organized and user-friendly, presenting information in a clear and concise manner while providing visual aids and comparative tables to help users better understand the differences between Butter and Zoom.