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1. Header:

The page starts with a header that includes the Aircall logo on the top left, a navigation bar on top with links to other pages, and a CTA (Call-to-Action) button "Get started for free" on the top right.

2. Hero Section:

Below the header, there is a hero section that includes an impactful image, headline "The future of call center software is here", and a subheading "The only call center software that prioritizes your team's happiness" that explains the benefits of Aircall.

3. Features Section:

The features section is divided into six parts, each highlighting a specific feature of Aircall's call center software. Each section includes a title, a brief explanation, and an image that visually demonstrates the function.

4. Customer stories Section:

The page's next section showcases real customer stories and their experiences with Aircall. The section includes a brief heading and a CTA button at the end.

5. Integrations Section:

The section highlights Aircall's integration capabilities with other software platforms. It includes six logos of popular integrations and a CTA button.

6. Pricing Section:

The pricing section includes two pricing plans and a CTA button for a 7-day free trial. Each plan includes its own set of specific features.

7. FAQ Section:

The last section answers common questions about Aircall's call center software. Each question features a brief answer and an image to support the explanation. The section includes a CTA button at the end.

8. Footer:

The page's footer includes links to resources like the blog, support page, and social media pages. It also includes a CTA button for starting the free trial, Aircall's address, and a copyright message.