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1. Hero section:

The page begins with a hero section that features a hero image of a person holding what appears to be a small plane, accompanied by a text that says "Fly Higher with Air." This section also has a button that redirects users to the pricing section.

2. Navigation bar:

The navigation bar is fixed at the top of the page and contains links to different parts of the website, such as "Home," "Pricing," "Products," "Blog," and "Contact."

3. Pricing section:

This is the main section of the page, which is divided into three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Business. Each of the plans has a dedicated section, which includes a detailed description of the features and functionalities, as well as the pricing.

4. Comparison table:

A comparison table helps users to compare the features of the different pricing plans side by side. The table highlights the features that are unique to each plan and the cost associated with them.

5. Call to action:

At the end of each pricing section, there is a call to action button, which invites users to sign up or start a free trial.

6. Footer:

The footer section contains various links to other sections of the website, including the company's social media pages, a newsletter subscription form, legal information, and a link to the company's blog.

7. Interactive pricing calculator:

Users can calculate the cost of using Air services based on their number of users by adjusting sliders on the interactive pricing calculator, found below the pricing table. This section makes it simple for users to calculate the cost of using Air's services based on their unique needs.