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1. The page begins with a hero section that contains a heading, a subheading, and a CTA button. The background image shows the PhantomBuster interface.

2. The next section highlights the key features of PhantomBuster in a horizontal layout, each feature accompanied by an icon and a short description.

3. The pricing plans section comes next, divided into three plans:

Starter, Growth, and Scale. Each plan is presented in a separate column, containing the plan name, price, and the key features provided in the plan.

4. A comparison chart follows the pricing plans section, showing a detailed comparison of the Starter, Growth, and Scale plans, including features, limits, and pricing.

5. The next section displays some customer testimonials, showcasing the success stories of businesses that have used PhantomBuster.

6. The FAQ section comes next, answering some frequently asked questions regarding PhantomBuster.

7. The last section is the footer section, that contains the PhantomBuster logo, social media links, legal links and a CTA button to signup for a free trial. The structure of the page is simple and easy to navigate, with a clean colour scheme and consistent design elements used throughout the page. The use of icons, images, and charts make the information more accessible and visually appealing to the users. The inclusion of customer testimonials and FAQ section helps to build trust and addresses any potential queries and concerns that the users may have. Overall, the structure of the page is well thought out and effective in its purpose of informing and promoting PhantomBuster to potential customers.