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1. Header:

The page features a header with "Acquire Partner Program" written on the left side and "Contact us" button on the right side. The button leads to a contact page.

2. Main Content:

The main content is divided into four sections: Overview, Benefits, Requirements, and How to Join.

3. Overview Section:

The overview section explains the purpose of the partner program and what partners can expect from the program. It includes a short video that explains Acquire's product and services.

4. Benefits Section:

This section lists the benefits of joining the Acquire partner program, such as access to Acquire's resources and tools, opportunities to earn commission, and access to the partner portal.

5. Requirements Section:

The requirements section outlines the criteria that partners must meet to join the program, such as having relevant experience in the industry, a pre-existing client base, and the ability to meet quarterly sales targets.

6. How to Join Section:

The "How to Join" section provides a clear and concise guide for prospective partners to apply to the program. It includes a form that interested parties can fill out and anticipate a follow-up from the Acquire team.

7. Footer:

The page features a footer with secondary links such as "Acquire Blog" and "Resources" as well as social media icons at the bottom. Overall, the page is structured to provide potential partners with a clear and straightforward understanding of the Acquire Partner Program. The page uses visuals, bullet points, and concise texts to deliver the necessary information. It also provides an easy-to-use form to apply, which increases the chances of interested parties joining the program.