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1. Header:

The page begins with a header encompassing a logo, a navigation menu containing five links ("Pricing," "Product," "Resources," "Company," "Get started for free"), and a "Sign in/Get started for free" button.

2. Hero section:

The hero section comprises a headline ("Help Scout: The customer service and messaging platform built for human connection"), a subheading ("Join over 12,000 businesses already using Help Scout"), and a CTA ("Get started for free").

3. Features:

Below the hero section are the features of Help Scout. It has four main features ("Shared inbox," "Fulfillment," "Reports & automation," and "Live chat & messaging"), each with a corresponding icon, a brief description of the feature, and an accompanying "Learn more" link.

4. Social proof:

Next to the features section is a social proof area containing testimonials from well-known businesses that use Help Scout in their customer service processes.

5. "Why Help Scout" section:

This section details the unique selling propositions of Help Scout, including its commitment to human connection, scalability, customizability, value, and accessibility.

6. "Trusted by" logos:

Below the "Why Help Scout" section are logos of prominent companies that trust and use Help Scout.

7. Blog:

The blog section contains recent blog posts of Help Scout, alongside a "View all posts" button.

8. Footer:

The page concludes with a footer containing links to various areas of the site, including its blog, pricing and plans, resources, a help center, a careers page, and social media handles.