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1. Heading:

The page begins with a large heading that reads "Figma vs Sketch". This heading is followed by a subheading that reads "Which Design Tool is Right for You?".

2. Introduction:

Below the subheading, there is an introductory section that includes an image of both Figma and Sketch interfaces side by side. The introduction provides a brief overview of what each tool does and why they are popular among designers.

3. Comparison Table:

The next section of the page is a detailed comparison table that compares Figma and Sketch on various parameters side by side. These include design collaboration, pricing, prototyping, platform compatibility, and a few others.

4. Feature Comparison:

After the comparison table, there is a detailed feature comparison of both Figma and Sketch, starting with Figma. Each feature is listed with a brief explanation of what it is and how it works.

5. Testimonials:

Following the feature comparison is a section that includes testimonials from real designers who have used both Figma and Sketch. Each testimonial includes a photo of the designer, their name, and a quote about their experience using one or both of the tools.

6. Conclusion:

The page concludes with a call to action section that encourages users to sign up for the platform, along with a list of popular features of both Figma and Sketch.

7. Footer:

The page ends with a footer that includes links to various other pages on the Figma website, including the blog, community, and support pages.