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1. Navigation bar:

The page begins with a navigation bar that includes the Basecamp logo, a search icon, and links to different pages such as "Features," "Pricing," and "Sign in."

2. Hero section:

The hero section includes a large image of a project management software interface with a tagline "The all-in-one toolkit for working remotely" and a call to action button "See all features."

3. Features section:

The next section explains the different features that Basecamp offers in a simple and concise manner. Features include to-do lists, message boards, automated check-ins, group chat, and more.

4. Pricing section:

The pricing section breaks down the three different tiers of Basecamp, each with its own pricing plan and features. The plans include a free trial for a limited period with no credit card required.

5. Testimonials section:

The website features a testimonial section with customer reviews and feedback on why they find Basecamp useful for their business.

6. How it works section:

The next section explains the process of how to use Basecamp with three simple steps illustrated with icons.

7. Integrations section:

Basecamp offers integrations with other software tools such as Zapier, G Suite, Dropbox, and others, as demonstrated in this section.

8. Company mission section:

This section outlines the company's mission and values, with a message from the co-founders on their vision for Basecamp.

9. Footer:

The page ends with a footer containing links to social media accounts, legal information, and additional resources, such as a knowledge base and a blog.