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Turn former users into advocates

Turn former users into advocates

As a B2B SaaS, one of your goals is to increase the number of users you have in each client company. In addition to increasing your revenue by selling new licenses, it also allows you to strengthen your presence in the company and increase retention by making your product irreplaceable. 

When an employee leaves one of your client companies, it means you lose a user, which is not a good thing. But if that employee was a satisfied user of your product, you can take advantage of this situation by turning him into an ambassador of your SaaS in his next company.

This tactic involves 3 steps: first you have to know when one of your users leaves his company, then you need to know when he finds a new employer, and finally you have to offer him an incentive to advocate for your product in his new company.

Find out when a user leaves his company

The first step is the easiest. If the employee uses your product, you'll know that he is leaving the company because his account will be deleted. All you have to do is store the information of all the accounts that have been deleted and find the Linkedin account of these people.

Wait for him to find a new job

The second step is a bit more tricky as it involves regularly visiting the Linkedin profiles of all your former users to know when they find a new job. This step can be very time consuming so it is best to automate it by using scrappers that will automatically notify you when one of them is hired in a new company. 

If you're not a developer, don't panic! Tools like Phantombuster will allow you to create this kind of automation without having to write a single line of code.

Turn him into an advocate

Now it’s time to move to the final step: turn these new hires into ambassadors of your product. And that starts with... a little patience. Give them some time to settle in their new company. It's unlikely he'll be in a position to advocate for new tools during his onboarding.

Once a few weeks have passed, you can come back to him. Even if your product is amazing, it’s always better to provide an incentive to motivate this ex-user to sell your product internally. This can be a free license, merchandising or even a commission on his sales.

You can also opt for an incentive more related to your product. This is for example what the growth team at Spendesk, a spend management solution, has done by sending their former users virtual credit cards with €5 and encouraging them to use it to offer a coffee to their CFO and sell them the product.