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Collect only positive app reviews

Collect only positive app reviews

If your SaaS is available as a mobile or desktop app, you know that ratings and reviews are key to succeed on app stores. They determine your app’s rank in search results and rankings, and a lot of users will use them to decide whether they should or should not download an app. 

To increase their number of reviews, many SaaS companies urge their users to rate their product on app stores. This can be successful if your product is amazing and you know that you’ll get only good reviews. But let's not forget one thing, one negative review has much more impact on a prospect than 10 positive reviews.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, you can prevent disappointed users from reviewing your app by placing a "firewall" to segment your audience.

Do not rush on asking your users to rate the app. Start by asking if they are happy with it. 

If so, they should leave a good review so you can safely redirect them to the store. 

Shine's "love funnel"

If not, that's where the firewall comes in. Unlike satisfied users, you are not going to ask them to rate the app on the store. But their feedback can be really useful and you still want to collect it. 

So instead of redirecting them to the store, show them an in-app form to collect their feedback and understand why they are disappointed without degrading your app's rank.

Shine's disappointed funnel